The second project year of Nordic Arctic Rehabilition focuses on sharing of knowledge and Nordic synergy through employee exchanges. On Monday, the 2nd of March the exchanges will commence as the first of three teams is sent on its way.
It is going to be bunch of long and insightful days in the sign of rehabilitation. During the exchanges, the Nordic-Arctic rehabilitation professionals will get a chance to present their methods of work in an institutional context as well as in home care.

In the Autumn of 2020 these exchanges will once again be the topic as the rehabilitation professionals from the various municipalities will meet again during workshops, in which the employees will share and develop methods and models for implementation in their rehabilitation work.  

Nordic Arctic Rehabilitation is supported by the Nordic Council of ministers, with the purpose of sharing knowledge, exchange experiences, create opportunities for staff exchanges, and provide input on efforts and methods to improve rehabilitation in the Nordic Arctic regions. The project involves a changed understanding, perception and increased awareness of how rehabilitation can be developed in relation to the Arctic regions and cities. It builds on a common goal that more citizens shall achieve the highest possible quality of life.