Come and have a chat about education and career opportunities on 11th – 15th of September on board of Sarfaq Ittuk.

For the fourth time in a row, the education and career fair – Seashow takes place in Greenland in September 2017. It is a week with focus on network and collaboration between education and business world in Greenland and Denmark.

This year, the tour starts in Nuuk, Greenland’s capital and end in South Greenland on board of the ship Sarfaq Ittuk. The concept stays the same as in the previous years, namely that the fair takes place on board of the ship, with “Open ship” in every city.

The cities where Seashow takes place are:

  • Nuuk
  • Paamiut
  • Qaqortoq
  • Nanortalik

Open ship:

  • Nuuk – 11/9: kl. 16.30-17.30
  • Nuuk – 12/9: kl. 14.00-16.00
  • Paamiut – 13/9: kl. 14.00-15.00 & 19.30-20.30
  • Qaqortoq 14/9: kl. 15.00-17.00 & 19.30-21.00
  • Nanortalik15/9: kl. 15.30-17.00


Each end of the ship will be shared by the exhibitors of the fair, which are both Greenlandic and Danish education institutions and businesses. You can see the timetable of the “Open ship”, as well as the exhibitors here.

Seashow is organized in collaboration with: The Greenlandic House in Aalborg, Arctic Education Network and Arctic Consensus.