It was a fruitful to participate in the activities in the conference week during Future Greenland.
With concrete B2B meetings in the start of the week, and two days of content rich presentations, workshops and knowledge sharing along with new relations, laying the groundwork for new cooperatives and projects.

The theme of the conference enabled many interesting discussions. The presenters and participants all brought new knowledge to the table, which contributed to making the conference interesting. We look forward to working with and following up on the recommendations resulting from the conference.” – Lise-Lotte Terp, director at Arctic Consensus

This year, Future Greenland focused on the topics: capital, competence and capacity. Over 400 stakeholders from businesses, politics, organisations and governments attend the conference in Katuaq, Nuuk. During the conference, around 50 presentations were held, which consisted of larger presentations held along with a general discussion as well as smaller presentations during workshops. Furthermore, the conference also consisted of a pitch-event, where the winner was chosen on the basis of votes cast during the conference. You can read more about the content of the different days of the conference here at our webpage.