It is now possible to see the show “Kalaallit Aalborgimiittut” until 9th of Januar. The play has been a rapid success. Based on that, Aalborg Theater has decided to extend the display period of the captivating performance into the new year. The play presents seven people with a background in a country which is 50 times larger than Denmark, namely Greenland. What does it mean to be kalaallit Aalborgimiittut – or what does it mean to be a Greenlander in Aalborg? This question has been asked, to the seven citizens who stand on the stage. The seven people in the show, Terkild, Agathe, Maliina, Marie, Anna, Lotte and Inaluk, are very diverse in age, background and education. Despite this dirversity, they have two things in common; at least one Greenlandic parent and the fact that they currently lives in the Aalborg area. In the play, the seven people, talk about their experience of being a Greenlander in Aalborg. The fascinating stories in the play has impressed several media channels and mesmerized the audiences. Arctic Consensus can only give the best recommendations. The touching and moving stories presents a different and interesting insight into being a Greenlander in northern Denmark.

It’s one of the best performances seen at Aalborg Theatre” Lise-Lotte Terp, CEO Arctic Consensus

An intriguing and updated perspective on how it is to be Greenlander in Denmark” Ph.D fellow Aalborg University

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