AAU Arctic holds annual meeting November 16 from 12-16.30PM with presentations and debates. 

At the AAU Arctic annual meeting, researchers within the Arctic field meet and share experiences. This year’s focus is on strengthening the collaboration within the Arctic research area and with pitches of new project ideas. Director of Arctic Consensus, Lise-Lotte Terp, will also participate in the annual meeting.

Head of AAU Arctic at Aalborg University, Anne Merrild Hansen, is looking forward to the day:

“Many things are happening within Arctic research these years. Aalborg University has a lot to offer, so also in our perspective this is a growing research field. 

At the annual meeting in AAU Arctic, researchers from across the faculties gather and there is a buzzing of talks and laughs about research projects and new ideas.”

Other topics at the annual meeting will be opportunities within the Arctic research represented by different platforms and research projects. Within collaboration there will be a focus on Arctic activities such as the Hindsgavl-meeting, ISAAFFIK, The Arctic Gateway, Arctic Circle Assembly and the collaboration with the Joint Arctic Command. Before the annual meeting, AAU Arctic furthermore is organizing a PhD Forum with exchanging experiences and dialogues from 10.30-12.00AM.

The annual meeting is held on November 16 from 12.00-16.30PM at Aalborg University, Rendsburggade 14, Level 3, room 3.429. See the full programme here.

AAU Arctic is a cross-faculty platform for cooperation between researchers at Aalborg University, who has an interest in the Arctic. For the moment, AAU Arctic has around 50 researchers working with the Arctic field in their research.

If you are interested in participating in the AAU Arctic annual meeting, please contact secretary Ulla Søndergaard at us@plan.aau.dk