From the 23rd to the 25th of September, the biannually fishery- and business exhibition, Polar Fish, will take place in Sisimiut. The exhibition is a place for presentations of new tendencies, methods and materials as well as the establishment of dialogue between interested in fields relating to fishery.

The exhibition, with its 50 displays, is not only focusing on fishery, but also directed towards other areas of business relating to the area of fishery. The main organisers of the exhibition is Qeqqata Kommunia, Aalborg Kongres og Kultur Center and Arctic Circle Business.

This year Arctic Consensus, in partnership with different businesses in Greenland and Denmark, have arranged several business-related activities directed toward the exhibitors behind the 50 displays and the guests and businesses attending the exhibition. These activities will take place in Sisimiut on Saturday and Sunday and revolves around presentations and panel debates about export and financing. The activities related to export will be based on presentations from BusinessAalborg, Arctic Circle Business and Qiviut ApS. The activities related to financing will be based on presentations from GrønlandsBanken, Vækstfonden and Erhvervsstøtte Forvaltningen.

On Saturday the 24th at 2 pm, panel debates will take place about the frameworks for Greenlandic fishery. Naalakkersuisoq from Fishery, Catch and Agriculture, Nikolaj Jeremiassen and Henrik Sandgren, chairman of KNAPK, will discuss questions regarding the spread of production of fish, an obligation to utilise fish better as well as experiments with fishery in areas, where fishery currently is not taking place.

Another new initiative at Polar Fish this year will be the participation of Aalborg Zoo. Lars Jeppesen, the chef of Aalborg Zoo, is the creator behind the new concept; Urban Seafood. The concept involves Jeppesen’s creation of smaller dishes inspired by traditional Greenlandic ingredients and produce.