From the 23rd to the 25th of September, Greenland’s largest fishery- and export-exhibition was conducted in Sisimiut. The exhibition promoted 50 different exhibitors, which all contributed to the record-breaking number of more than 1.764 visitors. Compared to the exhibition held in 2014 in Sisimiut, the number of attendees had increased with more than 100 visitors from the previous record of 1.593 visitors.

The new initiatives of relevant business-activities for the exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition proved to be a great success. The activities consisted of presentations, panel debates and company visits. The presentations revolved around the themes of ‘Export’ and ‘Financing’ and attracted large crowds due to the relevance of the presentations for the participants of the exhibition. The company visits at the truckline Masilik, Royal Greenland, Royal Arctic Line, Fiskeriforeningen KNAPP Sisimiut and Sisimiut Oil proved to be extremely popular as well.

Furthermore, several visitors of the exhibition had shown up for the panel debate between Nikolaj Jeremiassen, Naalakkersuisoq for Fishery, Catch and Agriculture, and Henrik Sandgren, Chairman of KNAPK. The primary focus of the panel debate were on the questions regarding the spread of production of fish, an obligation to utilise fish better as well as experiments with fishery in areas, where fishery currently is not taking place.

At the exhibition, several awards were given to the best of the stands in different categories. Here, Aalborg Zoo’s stand, constructed in collaboration with Ungdomshuset in Sisimiut, was among the winners. The stand was awarded the 1st prize in the category Creativity, Innovation and Local Roots. During the exhibition, the chef from Aalborg Zoo, Lars Jeppesen, had been working together with the graphical designer Kasper Dyrvig Randorff and the youths from Ungdomshuset in serving food produced from local ingredients and produce.

Photo: Arctic Consensus