This year, Arctic Consensus has had a strong focus on sustainability and what it means in an Arctic context

Arctic Consensus is a unique organization, that creates and strengthens relations and networks between actors with an interest in the Arctic. We contribute to growth and business development in the Arctic by identifying, fundraising and facilitating collaborations between companies, organizations, authorities and educational institutions. This is done by strengthening the business relationships and collecting and disseminating knowledge about the opportunities it provides the companies.

Arctic Consensus therefore has a desire to work with sustainability and seek knowledge about what sustainability is in an Arctic context. Therefore, in the spring of 2021, Arctic Consensus has entered into collaborations with various actors that have contributed to different insights and analysis on sustainability in the Arctic.

Among other things, you can read two analyzes, each of which sheds light on sustainability in the Arctic. The two major analyzes are called “Locating Arctic Sustainability Online (LASSO)” and “Views of Conservation and Development in the Arctic: Policy and Sustainable Development”. Researchers from Aalborg University and the University of Southern Denmark, respectively, have in two research projects investigated what sustainability in the Arctic covers. They have done this, by using digital methods and Big Data with a review of, among other things, 5,000 plus websites in several languages, as well as about 50 different policy documents from the past 20 years.

In continuation of the analyzes, a pixie version (in danish only) has been prepared, that briefly describes the results of the two analyzes and how businesses can use the knowledge that have been produced. A Greenlandic translation of the results has also been prepared.

You can find alle the results here.