This year, Arctic Consensus participates again in world’s largest conference regarding the Arctic, Arctic Circle. The conference takes place from the 11th – 15th of October.

During the Arctic Circle more than 2.000 participants gather from 50 different countries. Arctic Circle differs from other conferences regarding the Arctic in the way that top politicians and officials participate. The conference gives the possibility to influence focus and directions for the upcoming Arctic policies.

At the conference overlying themes as research, sustainability and infrastructure will be discussed. Moreover, there will also be focus on singular projects like the establishing of hydropower in Ilulissat, the Nordic universities’ role in the Arctic and local perspectives on future strategies in the Arctic.

Arctic Consensus will be part of a delegation from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, and the two actors will also share the same stand. Arctic Consensus is looking forward to four full days with the possibility of focusing on Danish and Greenlandic opportunities for important actors, while also getting the latest news on the Arctic.