The opening of the Arctic Circle 2017 conference took place on Thursday, October 12. Registration started at 13 o’clock at Harpa Conference Center and Concert Hall in Reykjavík along with a welcome reception at Reykjavík Art Museum, where the conference venues were filled with people and a ‘buzzing’ atmosphere.

Arctic Circle is an annual conference, and the largest international assembly on the Arctic area. More than 2.000 participants from over 50 different countries visited the conference, and around 600 speakers participates in 145 sessions this year. The array of participants was spanned from politicians, ambassadors and officials over to experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, business owners, indigenous representatives, students and other interested in Arctic matters. Again, this year, Arctic Consensus participated in the conference.

Arctic Circle has a clear focus on knowledge sharing across countries along with discussions and debates on current Arctic topics.

On the opening day, October 12, some pre-events were held, which helped to set the agenda for the upcoming days. One of the pre-events took place at the Reykjavik University, with the title “Energy in the Arctic: A firsthand perspective” organized by Iceland School of Energy at Reykjavík University, where a special focus was on innovation in the field of energy.

There were additional pre-events on the 11th of October with the theme: ”World Council Of Churches Conference: Just Peace With Earth”, organized by the World Council of Churches.