For several years, has organizations, with a special Arctic focus, been scattered throughout the city of Aalborg. Now the North Jutland Arctic competences are assembled under one roof in the newly established ‘Arctic House’.

After years of efforts and hard work, the agreement is finally fallen into place, and the date is set for relocation to the new premises in the middle of Aalborg. In May Arctic Consensus, The Greenlandic House, Arctic Business Network, Arctic Education Network, and AAU Arctic are moving in to ‘The Arctic House’ at Vesterbro 79, in Aalborg C.

The Greenlandic House plays a special role as landlord of the entire property. At the same time, they prepare leases to those who are interested in being a part of The Arctic House, says Søren Stach Nielsen to The Greenlandic House continues to operate in its present form, with the same organization, statutes and purpose, just in the new premises from may. The house is thus in a more accessible address for users, customers and in even closer cooperation with other Arctic stakeholders.

With the different organisations and with the Arctic as a common area of interest, the foundations are laid for more cooperation across disciplines. While creating a place where Arctic knowledge can be consolidated and create the basis for new opportunities. The three floors and 736 square meters of the house, give rise to more activities that put a greater focus on the Arctic region, and the Arctic competences in northern Jutland.

It will be a huge boost for the Danish – Greenlandic cooperation and the cooperation with
the Arctic in general. It will become easier for stakeholders, businesses and institutions to
get in touch with the Arctic stakeholders. I am very interested in the synergies and the many
new opportunities it will bring
Lise-Lotte Terp, CEO at Arctic Consensus