From 1st June 2018 Arctic Consensus have, as a part of Arctic House, moved into new surroundings in Aalborg’s cultural and activity center: Nordkraft.

Arctic Consensus became in 2016, a part of the newly established Arctic House, which was located at Vesterbro in Aalborg. Now Arctic House, and thereby Arctic Consensus, have moved into new surroundings in Nordkraft in Aalborg city center.

With Arctic House, a one-way-in approach have been created to Arctic cooperation in North Jutland, while at the same time creating closer relations between actors across the Atlantic. As part of the house, we can note in Arctic Consensus, how crosscutting cooperation in North Jutland, Denmark, EU and the Arctic has been optimized and streamlined, and how synergies have been created, as an effect of all the new possibilities it has brought with it.

In Arctic Consensus, we will in our new enviroment, focus on contact and collaborations with companies, government agencies and education & research institutions, at a national and international level.

From 1st June 2018, you can find us at: Kjellerups Torv 1, 5th floor (level 6), 9000 Aalborg. You can also read more about Arctic House on the website: