From Monday, February 29 and two months forward, Arctic Consensus has its own resources in Greenland. Student assistant Verena Huppert just travelled to Nuuk and will stay until the end of April.

Verena has been a part of Arctic Consensus since September 2015. She started as an intern and is now a student assistant while writing her final thesis at Aalborg University. Verena is taking a Master degree at Aalborg University in Culture, Communication and Globalization with a special focus on Arctic studies, migration and ethnic relations.

The journey to Greenland is part of Verenas thesis that deals with the issues of brain drain and the retention of labour in the Arctic. One case for the thesis is the geographic area of Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq (Sermersooq Municipality), where Nuuk is part of. Verena has kindly been given a workplace and advise by the Greenland Business Association and Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, which gives her the best possible conditions to conduct her research.

Although much of Verenas time is spent on her thesis and work, there is still time to enjoy the nature of Greenland, the Arctic weather and the culture of the city. Especially this week, Verenas attention is drawn to other than writing her thesis. Arctic Winter Games fills the urban spaces of Nuuk, where different nationalities and events creates buzz and atmosphere throughout the city.

“After 10 days in Greenland, my first impression of the country, the nature and the weather is great! Waking up to the sunrise reflecting on the mountains, walking home through heavy snow and going to bed watching the Northern lights – it does not get better. Every morning I take the bus into town. After work I usually go for long walks to get to know the city – in this week, I am especially interested in the activities that came to town with the Arctic Winter Games. People I meet are kind and nice, smiling and friendly. Everyone wants to help and take a short talk, and the atmosphere in the city is good and cozy.” says Verena.

In May, Verena’s journey continues to Newfoundland, Canada, her second case in her master thesis, where she will have the opportunity to explore, how they manage to retain labor in the Newfoundland area. With observations from both countries, the approaches in Canada and Greenland will be compared and analysed This fits well into the Arctic Consensus’ strategy of anchoring the knowledge of Greenland, which will benefit the cooperation between Northern Jutland and the Arctic.

Photo: Verena Huppert