We, here at Arctic Consensus, are excited to announce that Arctic Consensus now has a department in Nuuk.

We look forward to meet both established and new collaborators at our new office, which is located at Tuapannguit 66, 3900 Nuuk.

We look forward to being even more present in our daily cooperation with our partners in Nuuk, and we look forward an increased number of opportunities to work even closer together.” – Lise-Lotte Terp, Arctic Consensus

The office will be staffed by employees from the Aalborg and Nuuk. This and next week our employee Matilde will be at the office from friday, March 31st 2017, until April 6th, 2017. She is looking forward to welcome you at the office for a talk and a cup of coffee, please contact Matilde by e-mail: mc@arctic-consensus.com

For other requests concerning our Greenland office, you can reach us by gl@arctic-consensus.com .