Arctic Consensus is participating today – September 17 – at the first Arctic Stakeholder Conference: “Knowing, developing and connecting the Arctic” in Brussels.

Arctic is on the international agenda most places in the world. According to the European Union it is of a common responsibility to protect the Arctic environment by promoting sustainable development in the Arctic regions. Due to this, the European Union has completed an integrated EU policy about the Arctic. The inclusion of actors in the Arctic is one of the key elements in the EU Arctic policy, which was enacted in April 2016 by the European Commission and by the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

The conference is opened by Commissioner Karmenu Vella who is responsible for the EU Arctic policy. Present today are around 200 Arctic actors, among these representatives from local, regional and national authorities from the European Arctic area and from outside, Arctic indigenous peoples and the EU institutions.

Arctic Consensus is participating actively today during the issues discussed at the conference concerning the topics; ’Arctic connectivity’, ‘Leveraging investment in the Arctic’, and ‘Financial support for cross-border cooperation and Arctic science’.

The purpose of the conference is to follow up on the recommendations, which are formulated in the final report from the Arctic Stakeholder Forum, which identified the need for investments and priorities within sustainable development of the Arctic regions.