Now the Arctic Frontiers conference 2017 has begun. Arctic Consensus is represented at the conference, and will throughout the conference days provide updates here on the website.

The conference was kicked off by presentations from different key actors, such as the Norwegian and Finnish prime ministers, the Swedish foreign minister, the Danish minister for nordic co-operation, as well as representatives from the EU, UNESCO, and different environment organisations, who all discussed topics such as ”A changing Arctic” and ”Bluegreen Economy”.

The first day of the conference offer rich opportunities to discuss how to balance sustainable development on the one hand, and economic development on the other, as well as the necessity of Arctic stakeholders’ interests in and obligations to the sustainable, economic development.

In the next few days, the conference will continue with discussions, critical questions and panel debates made up of politicians, researchers and environment organisations.

This year, 2000 different stakeholders attend the conference, which, among others, covers large delegations from Korea, China and Hungary, none of which are traditional Arctic nations.