Again this year, Arctic Consensus takes part in the planning of Arctic Futures Symposium, where we also participate in the conference. This year, conference’s theme is smart and sustainable investments in Arctic’s future.

Arctic Futures Symposium is divided in five sessions this year, where there will be presentations regarding:

  • Arctic Council’s engagement in the EU
  • The future research collaborations in the Arctic
  • Development towards greater sustainability
  • Education and economic opportunities for citizens in the Arctic
  • The booming bioeconomy

The research collaboration is specifically interesting in the Arctic, because of the work done for establishing a research and innovation hub in Nuuk, which was also a discussed theme during the Greenlandic Days in Aalborg. The hub is something, that both forces in Greenland and Denmark work to realise, which is also a part of Nuuk’s main strategy. You can read more about it here. 

The opportunities for citizens within the education and economy in the Arctic are also interesting, when one sees it through the lens of Danish Economic Council’s newly released report – “Greenland’s Economy 2017”. The Chairman of the Danish Economic Council, Torben M. Andersen, was recently in the Arctic House to present the report. You can read more about the visit here, and you can read the report here.

There will be a large group of participants at the conference, which are spread from Arctic ambassadors and representatives from the European Commission and representation to companies and entrepreneurs, which are up-to-date on Arctic matters.

If you are more curious about Arctic Futures Symposium and the programme, you are welcome to click here.