Arctic Consensus is once again co-organizing this year’s Arctic Futures Symposium in collaboration with International Polar Foundation as well as the regional offices in the EU from the Nordic countries.

The Arctic Futures Symposium is an symposium held annually, with influential actors (skuespillere) presents current topics regarding the Arctic. The focusthis year, is on: 1)Arctic research collaborations, 2) sustainable development of Nordic countries, 3) challenges in the regions as well as the 4) significance of education.

The subject of one of the sessions will be how to promote investments in sustainable development in the Arctic. Attending wil be both Marie-Anne Coninsx, Ambassador for Arctic Affairs at the European Union and Hanne Fugl Eskjær, Arctic Ambassador for the Kingdom of Denmark, in the panel together with representatives of member of the Arctic Council. At the symposium, Arctic Consensus will be strongly represented.

“The program of this year’s symposium is about to be in place and it has always been very rewarding to be involved in the planning. We are looking forward to the many discussions and hearing the views of the newly appointed Arctic ambassador and the Arctic Ambassador for the Kingdom of Denmark”

    •          – Lise-Lotte Terp

The five different sessions at this year’s Arctic Futures Symposium, have focus on topics such as: the future research collaborations in the Arctic, development towards greater sustainability, education and economy opportunities for the citizens in the Arctic, the booming bioeconomy and Arctic Council’s engagement in EU. Additionally, the Finish Ambassador will hold a speech on Finish Presidency of the Arctic Council.

One of the speakers at this year’s symposium is Anders Møller Christensen, Adviser at Denmark’s National Bank, who was coauthor of the Economic Council’s recently published report “Greenland’s Economy”. In his speech, Christensen will present Greenland’s economy in relation to the Arctic.

Read more about Arctic Futures Symposium and see the program by clicking here.