140 participants including authorities, and business and research representatives from the Kingdom of Denmark are gathering Wednesday and Thurday – the 4th and 5th of April on Hindsgavl Slot as a part of the universities annual arctic workshop.

During the last couple of years Denmark has been increasing their attention on the arctic, especially with focus on the synergies amongst the authorities, researchers and in business. In 2016 AAU Arctic became established which is Aalborg University’s platform for interfaculty and interdisciplinary research within arctic areas. Since 2014 DTU, Copenhagen University and Aarhus University has also taken initiatives towards cooperation in regards to arctic research, and the workshop at Hindsgavl Slot is a result of that cooperation. Furthermore, a more formal cooperation is facilitated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science amongst the ministries and institutions in regards to the arctic.

Because of that, the stakeholders are participating at the workshop at Hindsgavl Slot for the 4th consecutive year. The participants are given the opportunity to discuss and present various possibilities for cooperation within research, education, infrastructure, communication and business cooperation.

At the workshop Lise-Lotte Terp will be present as the representative of the AAU Arctic Steering Committee. Arctic Consensus finds it interesting that the increase in focus on cooperation between institutions and stakeholders can increase arctic research and projects, and furthermore how research institutions have a significant role in strengthening the cooperation in the arctic.