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Dialogue Meeting on EU´s Arctic Policy with a focus on Businesses Arctic Consensus and Arctic Business Network invites you to a Arctic Dialogue Meeting in Nuuk may 13th On June 11th, the European Commission’s in-house think tank, the European Political Strategy Centre, is set to publish an Arctic policy paper, written by its Senior Advisor […]


Arctic Consensus participates at DPAC

From March 1-6, Arctic Consensus will be participating at PDAC, Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada, in Toronto. The convention is expected to attract up to 25.000 exhibitors, investors, and experts., from more than 125 countries. The PDAC Convention is considered the leading international event for companies and organizations in mineral exploration. This years programme […]

Avalak: make greenland more attractive to students

Chairman of Avalak, The Greenlandic Student’s Union, Hans Peter Mønsted, estimates that half of the newly educated Greenlanders in Denmark, stay in Denmark. He points to challenges in infrastructure and political instability as contributing factors. “If the only link [to Greenland], that you have, is childhood memories, then they might not pull as much as […]


Greenlandic Participation at Arctic Encounter Symposium 2019

Today marks the beginning of the Arctic Encounter Symposium, this year with London as the host city. The event, which takes place from the 17-18th of January, is an Arctic policy event where high-ranking politicians, officials, and researchers from among others The US, United Kingdom, Canada, and Greenland meet to confront the shared interests and […]



From January 20-24. Arctic Frontiers hosts their annual conference in Tromsø, Northern Norway. The theme of this year’s activities is: Smart Arctic. The aim of the global, scientific conference is to promote economic, societal and environmental sustainable growth in the north. Tromsø, also known as the ‘Capital of the Arctic’, sets the scene brilliantly for […]

Arctic Consensus is working with the SDGs

Arctic Consensus disseminates knowledge and reinforces cooperation between the Arctic and Denmark / EU particularly in Greenland and North Denmark. This will now be rooted in a principle about sustainability and the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The Arctic region is characterized by cultural diversity, different socio-economic conditions and a unique climate. In addition, the […]


Arctic Consensus participates in Polarfish 2018

Greenland’s biggest fishing trade fair Polarfish will take place September 21 to 23 in Sisimiut, where Arctic Consensus participates Actors from the fishing trade are gathering this weekend in Sisimiut for the three-day fair and workshop Polarfish 2018. Among the participants at the fair are Naalakkersuisoq (Minister) of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture, Erik Jensen, mayor […]

Greenlandic business fair in Aarhus

Arctic Consensus participates in Greenlandic business fair in Aarhus. The organisers NUKIGA are giving a taste of Greenlandic businesses and an insight in the development, when The Greenlandic Business Fair is held on September 12 and 13. Ann-Brit Johansen and Frederik Høyer from Arctic Consensus are participating in the fair, which will be opened by […]

Arctic Consensus participates in People Profit Planet

These days, Arctic Consensus is participating in the conference ’People Profit Planet’ in Musikkens Hus in Aalborg. The conference is taking place on September 10 – 11 in connection with the Sustainability festival in Aalborg which takes place between September 8-15.  People Profit Planet is a two day-conference with a focus on new markets and […]

Draft program published for Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle 2018 has published a draft program The organizers of Arctic Circle in Iceland 19th to 21th October have just published the program for this year’s Arctic conference. The program includes a pre-event beginning Wednesday 17th October, registration Thursday 18th October and finally the full program with talks, panel debates and plenary sessions wil […]