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Arctic Consensus is now closed

Arctic Consensus, which since 2012 has worked on strengthening knowledge, relations and cooperation across Denmark and the Arctic, is now officially closed due to lack of funding. The first the months of 2022 has been spent on closing down the organisation and its activities in the best possible way. Arctic Consensus will now close entirely […]

Visit from the U.S. Embassy in Denmark 

Arctic Consensus has today been visited by representatives from the U.S. Embassy in Denmark, for among other things, a discussion on Arctic conditions.  The Arctic was in focus when the U.S. Embassy visited Arctic Consensus. Arctic conditions from both international and local perspectives were discussed during the meeting for mutual orientation and inspiration.  In addition to the mission […]

Arctic Circle Greenland Forum will be held in Nuuk

The Arctic Circle Greenland Forum will be held in Nuuk for the first time since 2016. The forum will be held in Nuuk on august 27-29, 2022, and focuses on Greenland in the global Arctic under the headings ´climate and prosperity´ and ´geopolitics and progress´. The forum is organized by Arctic Circle in coorperation with […]

Future Greenland open for registration

Future Greenland 2022, Greenland´s largest Business Conference is now open for registration.Future Greenland will take place on May 17-18, 2022, in Katuaq in Nuuk, and this year the program will have presentations from private businesses and from political decision-makers. Under the headline ”A new growth agenda: What will it take – from visions to action?”, […]

PRESS RELEASE – Arctic Consensus Closes

Farewell to a unique organization across Denmark and the Arctic: Arctic Consensus closes Arctic Consensus, which has worked to strengthen knowledge, relations, and cooperation across Denmark and the Arctic since 2013, is closing its doors after the New Year. The steering committee informs that it has not been able to secure the necessary funding to […]

Analysis on sustainability in the Arctic

This year, Arctic Consensus has had a strong focus on sustainability and what it means in an Arctic context Arctic Consensus is a unique organization, that creates and strengthens relations and networks between actors with an interest in the Arctic. We contribute to growth and business development in the Arctic by identifying, fundraising and facilitating […]



On Tuesday the 30th of November, Verena Huppert Karlson will defend her PhD project concerning the Greenlandic workforce. The project has been underway since 2017. Since 2017, Arctic Consensus has been the initiator and subsequent partner in a PhD project concerning the Greenlandic workforce. Under the heading “Salary is not the solution to everything: Job […]

Emil Laue, Nukissiorfiit visiting Arctic Consensus

Arctic Consensus has had a visit from Emil Laue, Nukissiorfiit, who has previously been a project coordinator at Arctic Consensus. It was a happy reunion with Emil, who last year traveled to Greenland to start in his new position at Nukissiorfiit. Emil is now a special consultant, and he shared his many new impressions and […]

Nordic cooperation increases knowledge and competences within rehabilitation

The level of knowledge has been increased, and experiences have been shared across three Nordic municipalities. This is but some of the experiences the participants in Nordic Arctic Rehabilitation have made through, among other things, digital employee exchanges. The second year of this three-year project have recently been concluded, and the Nordic and Arctic network […]