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Greenland is watching Pan Am 2018

Several companies support the Pan Am 2018, which will be held in Nuuk, Greenland. Arctic Consensus  supports the event, together with companies such as Royal Arctic Line, Air Greenland, Royal Greenland, NunaFonden, Royal Unibrew, Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, Naalakkersuisut and BDO. Pan Am 2018 is a big sports event with participants from North-, South-, and Central America, […]

Meeting about the future labour market

The topic “How will Greenland recruit and retain talents on the future labour market?” was debated Tuesday in Nuuk. The ‘Political summit’ was arranged by the Danish actors Nichehuset in collaboration with Mandag Morgen and Altinget. Arctic Consensus’ employee Verena Huppert participated in the meeting, where around 100 participants showed up. According to Verena Huppert […]

Jyllandspostens greenlandic supplement – spring 2018

In this springs greenlandic supplement in the newspaper Jyllandsposten, you will find an exciting article that presents Arctic House and its features. Arctic House is a one-way-in for arctic cooperation in North Jutland, where an interdisciplinary cooperation between arctic actors in North Jutland, Denmark, the EU and the Arctic is optimized, increased and streamlined. The […]

Visit by secretary of the Greenland committee

Visit in the Arctic House by Jesper Thinghuus, secretary of the Greenland committee  On 23th and 24th of May, the secretary of the Greenland committee in the Danish Parliament, Jesper Thinghuus, visited Arctic Consensus. The secretary of the committeee was given a tour of the Arctic House and was furthermore introduced to the many initiatives in the […]

Arctic Consensus delegation in Copenhagen

From May 16 to 17 Arctic Consensus was on a delegation trip to Copenhagen, as a part of a larger delegation arranged by Arctic Business Network. During the delegation trip to Copenhagen, CEO Lise-Lotte Terp, Matilde Kjær Christiansen and Gitte Mitzi Hansen from Arctic Consensus visited Nordatlantens Brygge (the North Atlantic house), the Greenland Representation and Representation […]


With the goal of turning theory into practice, Arctic Consensus project cooperation group from Aalborg University will travel to Greenland to investigate the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals’ (SDG’s) influence. On the 27 of April, Anna Millionova and Vasiliki Stavroglou will arrive in Nuuk where they will stay until May 4th. Based on the knowledge […]

New book by Martin Breum

New book about the subject of Greenlandic independence Author and journalist Martin Breum has published a new book “If Greenland becomes independent – a journey in the cracks of the Kingdom”, right in the middle of the Greenlandic parliamentary election. The book contributes with a perspective in the debate about independence of Greenland in the […]


With a focus on generating knowledge, Arctic Consensus are this spring taking part in a project cooperation with a group of students from Aalborg University. The group consists of three students from Development and International Relations and European Studies, all having a focus on the Arctic. The group is in cooperation with Arctic Consensus to […]

Strong ties between Greenland and North Jutland

North Jutland is the area in Denmark where the highest amount of citizens born in Greenland has chosen to settle.  Greenland Statistics register of 2017, illustrates a tendency as North Jutland being an attractive area for greenlandic people to live. Out of the 16.370 citizens in Denmark registered as being born in Greenland, 2.656 citizens […]