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With a focus on generating knowledge, Arctic Consensus are this spring taking part in a project cooperation with a group of students from Aalborg University. The group consists of three students from Development and International Relations and European Studies, all having a focus on the Arctic. The group is in cooperation with Arctic Consensus to […]

Strong ties between Greenland and North Jutland

North Jutland is the area in Denmark where the highest amount of citizens born in Greenland has chosen to settle.  Greenland Statistics register of 2017, illustrates a tendency as North Jutland being an attractive area for greenlandic people to live. Out of the 16.370 citizens in Denmark registered as being born in Greenland, 2.656 citizens […]



This year’s Arctic Frontiers will take place next week, January 21-26. Arctic Consensus will once again be present in Tromsø and participate in the various events and presentations. This year’s conference has a special focus on connecting the Arctic, which is also the subject of the first session lead by Stephen Sackur. In addition, the […]

The use of external labor in Greenland

Arctic Consensus Ph.D. partner Verena Huppert, wrote, in the week 51 edition of the Greenlandic newspaper Sermitsiaq, an article titled “Mere udefrakommende arbejdskraft – ja tak!”  (More external labor – yes, please!) In the article, Verena Huppert addresses the pending debate on labor in Greenland, starting with the question “how can Greenlandic politicians, on one […]


The 1st of December 2017 the Kingdom of Denmark, together with Greenland and Faroe Islands hosted an international high-level conference in partnership with the Arctic Economic Council. The conference was titled: ’The SDGs in the Arctic: Local and Global Perspectives’. Arctic Consensus was well represented alongside many other participants from various Arctic countries. The conference […]