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PolarExpo Fishing & Hunting in Ilulissat

The fishing & hunting trade fair PolarExpo takes place in Ilulissat October 6th-8th 2020. Arctic Consensus contributes as partner to the main event in Greenland within the fishing and hunting trade Next time Greenland’s largest fishing and hunting trade fair takes place, the location will be Ilulissat. Until now, the annual trade fair has been […]

New funding for the “Nordic-Arctic rehabilitation-project”

New funding for the Nordic-Arctic rehabilitation-project between Aalborg, Torshavn and Nuuk The Nordic region is, along with several other regions, challenged by the increased average life expectancy. When populations grow older, new solutions are required to promote a sustainable development of the welfare systems and ensure the citizens self-reliance. Rehabilitation is an important aspect in […]


Dialogue meeting on EU’s Arctic Policy, March 27th

Dialogue meeting on EU’s Arctic policy with a regional perspective Arctic Consensus invites to a North Denmark Arctic Dialogue (NDAD) meeting in Brussels on March 27th. Three years have passed since the publication of the EU’s Arctic policy “An integrated European Union policy for the Arctic”. Ahead of a new Commission, a new Parliament and […]

Business analysis of needs and interests in the Arctic

Arctic Consensus is currently preparing an analysis of the business community in North Denmark’s needs and interests in the Arctic markets. In Arctic Consensus we focus on strengthening the business relations between North Denmark, Greenland and other Arctic areas. Therefore, we are preparing a business analysis that will chart the activities of the business sector in […]

Intern at Arctic Consensus

As an intern at Arctic Consensus, Marianne Roed Abrahamsen has gained experience on both a academic and personal level For the past five months, I have been an intern at Arctic Consensus with all that it involves of both academic challenges and collaborations with Arctic colleagues in Greenland, Denmark, Norway and the EU. With a journalistic […]

Newsletter about the Arctic

Newsletter about the Arctic Do you want to receive relevant news about what is happening in the Arctic? Arctic Consensus disseminates knowledge about the Arctic, based in Greenland and North Denmark. In our newsletters we write about activities that are relevant to the Arctic through our daily work. We would like to share this knowledge and […]


Greenland Conference ’18

Investments, infrastructure and raw materials in Greenland were the main topics at Greenland Conference ’18, organized by The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) A plentitude of speakers presented topics in relation to opportunities, upcoming projects and their importance within job creation and growth. It was repeatedly emphasized that the creation of local jobs is in […]

Polar research conference in Copenhagen

Arctic Consensus participated in the polar research conference in Copenhagen December 6 was a day in the name of polar research at the Polar Research Conference 2018 (‘Polarforskerdag 2018’). At the beginning of the conference, around 125 participants were listening to Tommy Ahlers, Minister for Education and Research, giving a speech about the new international […]


Seminar about geopolitics in the Arctic

The Arctic Consensus participated in a seminar about geopolitics in the Arctic on November 28, 2018 The seminar “The Geopolitical Game of Superpowers in the Arctic” was held in Aarhus and organized by the Danish Foreign Policy Society. The seminar addressed private, business and students, all of whom have an interest in the Arctic agenda. […]