Chairman of Avalak, The Greenlandic Student’s Union, Hans Peter Mønsted, estimates that half of the newly educated Greenlanders in Denmark, stay in Denmark. He points to challenges in infrastructure and political instability as contributing factors.

“If the only link [to Greenland], that you have, is childhood memories, then they might not pull as much as work-experience or other relations you have build up” says Hans Peter to Sermitsiaq.AG. He also explains that Danish businesses are better at recruiting students while they are studying, “if they created an attractive environment to newly educated Greenlanders, and a better connection between the students and the labor market in Greenland, it might result in more students returning”, says Hans Peter.

Moreover, the political environment in Greenland factors in on the choice to either stay in Denmark or return, “when you have lived in Denmark for several years you do carry a certain degree of ‘Danishness’. Then, when you observe the passive aggressive attitude towards Denmark that exists, for instance in the work of the constitutional commission, it can cause some worry about how you would be received if you went back home”, he adds.

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