The 23rd of August big interest were shown for Verena Huppert’s presentation about brain drain. The presentation took a starting point in her Master’s thesis, which focused on the retention of the highly skilled labour force in Nuuk.

Verena Huppert, who acts as a student assistant at Arctic Consensus as well as a student at Aalborg University, presented her results in The Arctic House in Aalborg, and streamed the presentation online in order to accommodate interested outside of Denmark. A lively debate based on Verena’s work followed the presentation.

“Through my thesis-work, I have realised how many different aspects exists in this topic. I feel that I only managed to crack the surface, and therefore an unbelievable amount of subjects relating to brain-drain are yet to be researched – which could be interesting to pursue in a PhD” – Verena Huppert

The thesis investigates how brain drain from Nuuk could be lowered on the basis of long-term actions. Verena compares the challenges Nuuk is facing to those existing in Charlottetown, Canada. This comparison identifies several different initiatives that Nuuk could benefit from implementing. Here Verena draws attention to a special department in Charlottetown, which aims to establish initiatives for minimizing brain drain in the city. Arctic Consensus have thoroughly enjoyed their collaboration with Verena, and expressed a gratitude toward her willingness to establish new knowledge in the area.

The presentation and the debate can be reviewed here (Please note that the event were in Danish).