Arctic Consensus is currently preparing an analysis of the business community in North Denmark’s needs and interests in the Arctic markets.

In Arctic Consensus we focus on strengthening the business relations between North Denmark, Greenland and other Arctic areas. Therefore, we are preparing a business analysis that will chart the activities of the business sector in North Denmark in the Arctic areas, as well as current or future business relations. The analysis will also examine the needs of the companies in relation to their engagement in the Arctic markets.

In collaboration with COWI, a questionnaire has been prepared that will form the basis for the analysis. It is still possible to answer the questionnaire, so if you are a company based in North Denmark, and have relations or a wish for future engagement with the Arctic areas, please follow the link below.

Answering the questionnaire takes 4 – 5 minutes:

Click here to answer the survey (In Danish)

Thank you in advance – your answer is very important to us.