As the last few years, Greenland’s national day will be celebrated in beautiful settings in Aalborg Zoo.

The activities, which start at 2 pm and end at 8 pm, will be free for all residing Greenlandic citizens, their families as well as persons affiliated with Greenland. The Greenlandic flag, Erfalasorput, will be raised at 4 pm, where participants are able to enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, a piece of cake or lemonade, while the speakers and the Greenlandic choir Ikinngutigiit entertains. Besides this, Greenland Travel has further sponsored musical entertainment along with the opportunity to taste different Greenlandic delicacies sponsored by Royal Greenland. In the evening, at 6 pm, the big barbeque will be lit and all participants will be able to cook their own food.

You can read more about the national day and the full program here, in Danish only