Sustainability and the green transition were key areas during Greelandic Days in Aalborg. It is very clear that both politicians and business leaders from Denmark and Greenland have ambitious goals.

In the days of the 10th to 12th August, Aalborg had visitors from a Greelandic delegation consisting of politicians, officials and businesses. Greenlandic Days is arranged due to the twin city agreement between the municipalities of Aalborg and Sermersooq.

Mayor Thomas Kastrup-Larsen and mayor Charlotte Ludvigsen both held speeches several times during these days. And it is very clear that both municipalities have ambitious and specific goals.

For example, Nuuk is in the process of becoming the world’s first certified sustainable capital via EarthCheck. Part of the proces means placing sustainability in the centre of Nuuk’s future development.

From 2022, Aalborg will have a new management structure. Under these new frames, the municipality seeks to promote and support the green transition in every department.

These are just a few of the initiatives which each municipality looks into. Mutual to both of them is that sustainability and the green transition lay the foundation for how they will develop, as a municipality in the future. Even though the municipalities face different challenges, and are looking into different intiatives, both mayors assured they will capitalise on the good cooperation currently existing between them. Through this, they will draw on experiences and best practices.

Sustainability and the green transition is also heavily rooted in business developement. Businesses as well as business organisations seize the business opportunities posed by the green transition. Something which became very explicit during the business conference held during the Greenlandic Days in Aalborg. The business conference was well respresented by the maritime sector, and by businesses closely related to it.

The newly established Nuuk Maritime Network, which held a presentation at the conference, was just one of the few actors, who expressed their determination on sustainable approaches. One of their first activities is to uncover sustainable needs within the maritime sector in Nuuk.

The cluster network participated in the Greenlandic Days to seek inspiration from, among others, Aalborg Maritime Network. Furthermore, also to find new possibilities for cooperation which can strenghten their work. Here, they mentioned Green Hub Denmark as one of the actors they were interested in. It is a clear indication that the participating businesses, network clusters, and organisations look across borders when seeking new cooperation and partnerships.

The political goals and ambitions, and the businesses’ mindset to work and think in sustainable ways, combines very well. However, businesses differ from each other – there are not the same. They meet different potentials and challenges on their way. This just underlindes the importance of the constellation present during Greenlandic Days. The dialogue and encounter between businesses, the political level, and knowledge institutions is a prerequisite for expressing how partners most effectively can support each others goals. Together, they can cater future sustainable development and ambitions.