Vækstfonden will now offer guarantee schemes for small- and medium-sized enterprises who are struck by economic losses due to COVID-19.

The expanded guarantee scheme is part of the government’s business package aimed at SMEs who are struck by economic challenges brought by COVID-19. Danish, Faroese and Greenlandic SMEs in all industries can recieve the COVID-19 guarantee scheme for new loans and investment credits via financial institutions.

You can read more about the guarantee scheme on Vækstfonden’s webpage, or read the entire press release here (both sources are unfortunately only available in Danish at the moment)

If there is any need for further information, you are welcome to reach out to Vækstfonden through Head of Corporate Clients, Hans Jørgen Østergaard, E-mail: hjo@vf.dk, Mobile: +45 61 20 94 19, or through Senior Relationship Manager, Mogens Andersen, E-mail: moa@vf.dk, Mobile: + 45 40 44 70 07.