Saturday, August 26th is a significant day for the celebration of Greenlandic Days as a symbol of culture, where all are welcome to participate in the musical, sporting, artistic and literary events. The program starts at 2 pm in front of Musikkens Hus and ends with a concert in the evening. The events have free access and do not request any booking.

During the day, one can experience, in different ways not only how the Greenlandic and Danish cultures are united, but also how new relationships are born through friendship and cooperation.

The program starts at 2 pm with Inuit Games played by performers from Kofoeds School. Afterwards, there will be a show performed by the Unicycle Club LUCK Aalborg. Some of the club’s members have been present at the Aalborg Days in Nuuk in 2015, where they biked through the whole city and did tricks. This year, three girls between the age of 11 and 14 will entertain the public. One of them had recently won the title of European champion in freestyle unicycling and she will, obviously show her “gold show”.

After the girls have “blown us away” with their performances, the Greenlandic-North Jutlandic duo Poul Peter Loretzen and Mikkel Beier Gregersen will perform a mini concert with the premiere of the new song “Find Home” and other songs. “Find Home” is about finding oneself after having felt a little excluded or very lonely. However, with help from friends and family, one can find the right path again.

At 2.30 pm, four artworks will be unveiled, which Aka Høegh and Peter Max-Jakobsen have prepared for the Greenland Days. The two talented and capable artists have found a common artistic language during the collaboration, even though they represent each their own country, nature and culture. Moreover, the mayor of Kommuneqarfik Sermersooqs, Asii Chemniz Narup will hold a speech, during the vernissage.

At 8 pm (SOLD OUT), there will be a concert at Musikkens Hus with Aalborg Symfoniorkester and a selection of Greenlandic musicians, represented by:

  • Josef Lund Josefsen
  • Nina Kreutzmann Jørgensen
  • Frederik Elsner “F”.

For this event, Aalborg Symfoniorkester has reinterpreted and composed brand new notes for Josef Lund Josefsen and Nina Kreutzmann Jorgensen’s music. Besides singing, Nina Kreutzmann Jørgensens will also read out from her new book, which you can read more about here. The book dives into the everyday life of women from Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Denmark, who experience in one way or another challenges in their existence. In the end, Frederik Elsner “F” will complete the night by singing together with the band songs from the new album “Katassinnaanngisaq”.

You can read more about the events here.