The Greenlandic performance “Qangatsiarli maanga pisimapput- Nalusuunerup taarnerani” – (English translation: “They came a long time ago – Under the darkness of ignorance“), is a co-production of Inuit Theater and Theater Solaris.

The performance is based on the poem; “Qasapis sidste dage” by Villads Villadsens. The poem is about the Greenlander Qaasapi, who together with the women Mikerteq travels to South-Greenland to take revenge on the Norse for killing the Greenlanders.

As the performance is a music performance, music, singing, choreography and lights are predominant throughout the piece. The futuristic sounds and the sounds from the drum dance offer an atmosphere where the audience becomes part of the performance – even though the language throughout the piece is exclusively Greenlandic. Furthermore, the choreography and the colors play a very special role, which makes it an intense experience.

“It was great to see such a beautiful piece of Greenlandic culture and history mediated in Aalborg. I was very touched and it was a strong experience.”– Emil Skjervedal

The show is presented in Aalborg at Teater Nordkraft on March 30th and 31st. You can read more about the performance and the showtimes here.

The performance continues on tour in Copenhagen, where it will be displayed at the National Museum on April 4 and 5. You can read more about the showtimes, and how to purchase tickets for the performance here.

Producer: Solaris & Inuit Theater
Actors: Nukâka Coster-Waldau, Mikê Fencker Thomsen, Karina Møller, Ujarneq Fleischer
Director and choreographer: Sananda Solaris
Composer: Ole Kristiansen
Set designer: René Lambrecht, David Lewis
Writer: Villads Villadsen
Lighting design: Sananda Solaris, René Lambrecht, David Lewis
Duration: 75 minutes

Photo: Teater Nordkraft