Arctic Consensus is co-organizer of a delegation trip to Iceland, beginning today

The delegation consists of Councilman Mai-Britt Iversen in front and participants from the business community in North Denmark and Sermersooq Municipality. The following days they will be visiting companies, hold B2B-meetings and participate in network events. About one third of the delegation have been participating in the Arctic Circle conference from October 18-21.

The purpose of the trip is to provide the participants with an insight in the Icelandic business community and establish contacts to the Icelandic and Arctic market. Among others, the participants will be visiting Eimskip, Orbicon Arctic, Iceland Ocean Cluster and The Royal Danish Embassy in Reykjavik.

CEO of Arctic Consensus, Lise-Lotte Terp, begins the delegation trip with a welcome to the 19 participants, and says:
“Our program for the delegation trip is to a high degree made possible due to the good and relevant inputs to the program, which we have received from both participants in the trip and from the working group organizing the delegation trip.

The great and positive involvement from all has made the planning of the trip succesful and resulted in the companies, which we will visit. Thank you to everyone.”

Lise-Lotte Terp furthermore wishes to thank the companies, which have opened their doors for the delegation to tell them about their work.

“Together, I hope we will have some profitable days with a professional content, in the company of interesting people from the political scene, the municipalities and the business community,” the CEO of Arctic Consensus says.

The full program for the delegation trip to Iceland October 21-25 is available via this link.