Do you want to go on a delegation trip to Reykjavik in Iceland. Then reserve the date now. A collaboration between Arctic Consensus, Greeland Travel, Arctic Business Network, NorthDenmark Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise Europe Network and BusinessAalborg are planning a delegation trip to Iceland in October in continuation of Arctic Circle with focus on business, networks, relations and knowledge. 

During the trip you will get the opportunity to get in direct contact with the icelandic marked and companies. It is a unique opportunity to establish new relations and networking, as well as gaining knowlegde regarding the icelandic business community.

You or your company can already let us know now, if this is of any interest to you without it being a binding sign-up. You can read more about it here and contact the organizers.

The program for the trip is still under preparation, therefore you have a unique opportinity to help shape the program. If you have any interests that could be considered on trip or companies you would like to visit – then please contact the organizers and give them your suggestions here: contact organizers.

The delegation trip is planned to take place the 22. – 25. of October 2018 and are held as an continuation of Arctic Circle in Reykjavik the 19. – 21. of October. You therefore have the opportunity to combine the delegation trip with Arctic Circle. If that is the case then the travel dates are the 19. – 25. of October. More information are coming soon.

If you want more information regarding the trip, you are more than welcome to contact Arctic Consensus which will then send you the information directly. You can contact us here.