The meeting rooms of Visit Aalborg build the setting when Arctic Consensus hosted the visit of the Arctic ambassador, Erik V. Lorentzen, in Aalborg. During a business meal with, amongst other, the mayor of Aalborg, Thomas Kastrup Larsen, Northern Jutland’s initiatives within the Arctic were presented.

The ambassador was clearly impressed and praised Aalborg and Northern Jutland for their approach to a collaboration across the Atlantic, and was especially interested in the ability to work across businesses, authorities, education and research. According to the ambassador, Aalborg and Northern Jutland should have a strong future focus on how to strengthen communication efforts in regards to ongoing activities.

During the dinner, the ambassador also got introduced to Aalborg University’s new platform AAU Arctic, which aims to facilitate Arctic initiatives across the universities faculties, including a strengthened strategy. The president of the Arctic Education Network, Stine Bylin Bundgaard, presented the floating education fair Seashow and the network’s work with Greenlandic students. Furthermore, the ambassador also got introduced to the Greenland House in Aalborg and Arctic Business Network.

From summer this year, Erik V. Lorentzen’s focus will be more south-bound, when he takes over as an ambassador in Rome in august. Hanne Fugl Eskjær, who comes from a position in Bangladesh, will replace Lorentzen as Arctic ambassador.

Photo: Arctic Consensus