Tuesday the 29th of November, Arctic Consensus hosted a North Denmark Arctic Dialogue meeting in NorthDenmark’s EU-office in Brussels. The meeting was titled “Investing in a connected and sustainable Arctic: opportunities and challenges”.

The EU-office’s Anne Britt Larsson welcomed the meeting’s participants and introduced the speakers. Stephen Hart from the European Investment Bank’s office in Copenhagen presented the bank’s most recent activities in the Arctic and the possibilities for investments in the region. Hereafter, Arctic Consensus’ Lise-Lotte Terp introduced the new Arctic House in Aalborg and the possibilities in the house. Lastly, Terkel Petersen from the European External Action Service gave an update on the European-Commission’s policy: An integrated European Union policy for the Arctic and presented the developments that followed the policy’s publication.

After each presentation followed some investigating questions from the meeting’s moderator Damien Degeorges and any questions the participants had. A networking reception hosted by Arctic Consensus followed the meeting, where the content of the presentations was lively debated.

The meeting was held in connection with the Arctic Futures Symposium, which you can read more about here.

Photo: Arctic Consensus