Successful delegation trip to Iceland

A delegation consisting of a number of Danish and Greenlandic companies and actors with councilman Mai-Britt Iversen in the lead have visited Icelandic companies and actors. The program consisted of business visits and meetings with the Icelandic business community as well as actors in trade, development and innovation.

The delegation trip was organized by Arctic Consensus in collaboration with companies and other Arctic actors, giving participants an insight into Icelandic society and business.

Among the Icelandic companies that the participants were visiting, were the transportation company Eimskip, the consulting company Orbicon, food development center Matís, Iceland Ocean Cluster and the Danish Embassy in Iceland. The participants agreed that there is potential in the Icelandic market, and that Icelanders are an entrepreneurial people who inspire both North Jutland and Greenland.

There was also agreement among the participants that Iceland and Reykjavik are in many ways comparable to Aalborg and North Jutland. This is among other things in terms of population growth, business activity and entrepreneurship; but also with many differences.

Lise-Lotte Terp, Director of the Arctic Consensus, is also pleased with the delegation trip:

“It is a pleasure to set the framework for Iceland, Denmark and Greenland to further more relationships and trade opportunities. The many relationships across the countries allow us to share knowledge, cooperate, trade and develop together. We have experienced a very high academic level at our meetings.”

The delegation trip was completed in connection with Arctic Circle in Reykjavik, October 19 to 21, which you can read more about here.

View photos from the delegation trip below:

Arctic Circle Assembly

Arctic Circle Assembly

Iceland Ocean Cluster

Jeep Tour


Network meeting with Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq