Director of Arctic Consensus Lise-Lotte Terp and PhD.-student Verena Huppert participated in the annual conference European Week of Regions and Cities last week in Brussels, where a session was held on sustainable development in the Arctic.

During the regional development conference the representatives from Arctic Consensus participated in a session with a focus on the EU’s role in order to create sustainable development in the Arctic. Arctic Consensus has been co-organizing the session with the title “Sustainable development in the Arctic region to the benefit of all of Europe”. The session included presentations and a panel debate with participants from the “European Arctic regions” such as Scotland, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Arctic Consensus representing the Region of North Denmark.

Throughout the session, Lise-Lotte Terp contributed with her view in the panel debate, where she gave a message about sustainable development to the audience. During the debate, the Director of Arctic Consensus said:

“The local perspective should always be in front in sustainble development in the Arctic. In-depth research and respect for the Arctic cultures contribute with better projects and the results can continue to live and be sustainable in the next generations.”

Now returned from Brussels, Lise-Lotte Terp says about the session:

“It was a great experience to hear the other participants’ view on the development, the Arctic is undergoing these years. Their input is really useful for us in our work with regional development and in collaboration with Greenland and the Arctic area.”

The session also had as its focus that the EU is increasingly engaged in Arctic sustainable development and strategic cooperation in the North Atlantic and Nordic regions. A special focus was on research within this field, and which direction the EU and European Arctic will go focusing on the smart specialisation toolbox, innovation and capacity building.

At the session, over 120 researchers, policy-makers and practitioners as well as other interested participants were gathered, and throughout the session there was time for the audience to ask questions. The session ended with an award ceremony of the Arctic Award 2018.

You can read more about the session at North Sweden European Office’s webpage here and about the whole conference at the EWRC website.

Furthermore, you can see pictures from the session on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #SustainableArctic and #EURegionsWeek