With a focus on generating knowledge, Arctic Consensus are this spring taking part in a project cooperation with a group of students from Aalborg University.

The group consists of three students from Development and International Relations and European Studies, all having a focus on the Arctic. The group is in cooperation with Arctic Consensus to write a project regarding the application of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Arctic region – more specifically Greenland.

SDGs are a part of the agenda in many parts of the Arctic, and in the world in general, and the daily focus are only becoming more significant for the many organizations. This is also visible in the growing number of conferences. Amongst others, Arctic Consensus participated in a high level conference in Copenhagen in December 2017 where the agenda was focused on SDGs in the Arctic in regards to local and global perspectives. The participants included several of influential people from Arctic countries – you can read more about the conference here.

Both private and public stakeholders present global and regional perspectives on how initiatives based on SDGs can contribute to a more sustainable development in the Arctic. With the strong focus on SDGs and the Arctic, there is a solid foundation to investigate how these goals are applied by organizational bodies in Greenland.

“Sustainable Development Goals applies for every nation. There are great challenges globally and the Arctic are no exception. Globally the amount of challenges are vast such as; increasing unemployment amongst the youth, inequality, lack of/or unequal access to natural resources, environmental pollution and climate change. This is only to mention a few of those of importance to the Arctic. The solution to this is on the global agenda and the focus is increasing. The project is therefore of highest relevance, and I look forward to the cooperation.  They have the courage to combine theory and practice and thereby generate knowledge. They have my deepest recommendations.”
– Lise-Lotte Terp, CEO of Arctic Consensus.

The project cooperation takes place throughout spring 2018, and are to result in a concrete project created by the three students from Aalborg University. Arctic Consensus look forward to the final product of the cooperation and the knowledge generated.