Future Greenland: Conference day 1 – May 9
The conference was kicked off by Brian Bruun Pedersen, CEO Greenland Business Association, who bid everyone welcome. Hereafter, the main moderator of the conference, Martin Breum introduced the day.

First up on the program in the morning was five presentations by keynote speakers: Karl Kristian Kruse, Naalakkersuisoq of Fisheries and Hunting, Margrethe Vestager, EU-commissioner, Randi Vestergaard Evaldsen, Chairman of the Democrats and member of Inatsisartut, Anders Krab-Johansen, CEO Børsen and finally Angelina Metha, the Sentient Group.

Margrethe Vestager, recently listed in the American magazine Times’ top 100 on most influential persons, focused on how growth can be created in order to benefit all as well as the importance of the trust necessary in regards to establishing large scale investments. She went on to speak on the necessity of a well-educated work force, a strong research environment, the spirit of entrepreneurs and the wish to cooperate and enter into partnerships in order to solve challenges too great for individuals. EU-commissioner Vestager was unable to participate in the panel debate later in the day, but did answer questions just after the morning presentations.

Before lunch, the last item on the agenda was a panel debate with the days keynote speakers. Here, the audience was able to participate by asking questions to the four remaining keynote speakers.

The last feature of the day was a panel debate with Karl Kristian Kruse (S), Muté B. Egede (IA), Randi Vestergaard Evaldsen (Demokraterne) as well as Sivert K. Heilmann (A). The debate revolved around questions produced during three workshops held previously on the day just after lunch, revolving around the topics of ‘Power in Greenland – who sets the political agenda?’, ‘Urbanisation in Greenland – how do we handle it?’ as well as ‘Is Greenland ready for capital – is capital ready for Greenland?’.

The day was ended with a networking reception at Hotel Hans Egede in downtown Nuuk.

You can see the entire programme here.

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