This March, we at Arctic Consensus had the pleasure to welcome two new faces – Gitte Mitzi Hansen and Mette H. Reetz-Engell.

Gitte Mitzi Hansen, Project Coordinator

Gitte is employed as project coordinator here at Arctic Consensus, and is going to join our daily work with different projects, furthermore she will also function as the coordinating component in regards to our many activities. Gitte has several years of experience in Greenland – Denmark oriented work. The primary work Gitte has been involved in is office management. Through the years she has worked with assisting directors, management and employees within the field of communication, project development and management tasks, HR and other administrative tasks. Gitte’s previous positions are amongst others as executive secretary, and latest as project coordinator at Center for Logistisk og Samarbejde ApS.
We at Arctic Consensus are really happy to welcome Gitte as a permanent part of our team.



Mette H. Reetz-Engell, Project Coordinator

Another new face in our team is Mette, who is our newest employee through the wage subsidies program. Mette is going to work with and on healthcare oriented projects and analyzes between Greenland and North Jutland. Mette has a Master of Science in Public Health from Aarhus University. Her background has provided her with a lot of experience in health analyzes and projects through her time at Folkesundhed Aarhus.

We bid Mette welcome, and we look forward to providing even more focus on the health sector. We also look forward to being able to create a more general overview of this specific sector through Mette’s analycical work, and following that share and communicate the important findings amongst the rest of the Arctic Consensus team.