Today marks the beginning of the Arctic Encounter Symposium, this year with London as the host city. The event, which takes place from the 17-18th of January, is an Arctic policy event where high-ranking politicians, officials, and researchers from among others The US, United Kingdom, Canada, and Greenland meet to confront the shared interests and concerns regarding trade and security in the Arctic.

Greenland is represented by the Foreign and Security Policy Committee and The Greenland Representation to the EU in Brussels.

Head of the Foreign and Security Policy Committee, Aleqa Hammond, will be contributing as a keynote speaker in this years agenda. In addition, she will entertain at the Black-Tie Dinner with “Traditional Inuit Storytelling”. Mininnguaq Kleist, Head of the Greenland Representation to the EU in Brussels, is also invited as a keynote speaker during the event.

Fifteen countries are participating at Arctic Encounter Symposium, and the event is taking place in the heart of British politics, namely Westminster.