SeaShow 2017 is almost here, and only a few spots are left. There is yet time to secure a spot on the ship for yourself or a colleague. Sign up for SeaShow 2017 here.

In connection with the preparations for the fair, an information meeting was held on the 17th of May in the Arctic House in Aalborg for all educational institutions, businesses and municipalities in Greenland and North Jutland, who either already had signed up or who were interested.

At the meeting, the concept behind SeaShow was introduced along with information regarding this year’s SeaShow. The structure of the programme was explained along with the two focus; one regarding education and one regarding business. At SeaShow, it is possible for the exhibitors aboard to participate in different activities held in the cities were the ship is anchored, when the ship is closed for visitors. Further, practical information regarding SeaShow was announced, such as travelling to and from Greenland, along with the ship’s route and the days on board, and finally how the exhibitors can prepare themselves and their material for the trip.

The practical information covered the option for transport of material (roll-ups, brochures etc.) from Aalborg to the ship in Nuuk, however this has to be delivered to the Greenlandic House in Aalborg, before August 14. Further, a poster with all exhibitors will be made, however the logo has to be sent in the format of .ai or .eps (vector format) to before June 14 in order to be visible.

You can read more about the information from the meeting at the Greenlandic House’s homepage, here.