This fall, Arctic Consensus has the pleasure to collaborate with another student from Alborg University.

This fall, Rosa Rozalia Godsk is doing her 9th semester internship at Arctic Consensus. Rosa has a master degree in Tourism and is doing her second master in International Relations with focus on European Studies, at Aalborg University. At Arctic Consensus, she will be working with EU matters from a social science perspective.

Every fall, Arctic Consensus has collaboration with 9th semester students, who are doing their internships at the arctic organization.

“It strengthens our collaboration with universities, and we value it. In the same time, it gives students the opportunity to gain insight into the business environment, as well as concrete activities and projects dealing with the North Jutlandic – Arctic area. We are very glad that we can help make it happen.” – Lise-Lotte Terp, Director of Arctic Consensus.

In many cases, the internships is often followed by a master thesis collaboration with Arctic Consensus. The latest thesis collaborations took place in the spring of 2017 with Janus Drejer and Mikkel Underlin Østergaard.

Janus has just graduated and has a MA in Culture, Communication and Globalization with specialisation in Arctic Studies from Aalborg University. His thesis dealt with how the increasing globalization has influenced entrepreneurship in Greenland and Norway respectively, with focus on the cities Nuuk and Tromsø.

Mikkel graduated in June as MA in the same study line as Janus, and he is currently working as project coordinator at Arctic Consensus. You can read more about Mikkel’s thesis here.