Based on Birgitte Bjerge Poulsen’s master thesis from Aalborg University, Arctic Consensus invites you to a presentation and discussion of the topic “Sustaining the Arctic: How the concept of sustainability is constructed, shaped and used by the EU and the Finnish Sámi community” on January 19, 2017, 2 pm – 4pm, Vesterbro 79, 2. floor, 9000 Aalborg. Online-participation in the meeting is possible via live-stream.

Birgitte will present her analysis of how sustainability formulations are used; How sustainability in the Arctic is formulated by the EU, and how sustainability is formulated by the indigenous communities in the Arctic, in this case the Sámi people in Lapland. She will further discuss her findings in regards to discourses in sustainability formulations and the agenda behind such discourses.

Please note that the event will be held in English, and questions are welcome to be asked both in Danish and English.

You can register your participation here. If you wish to participate online, you will receive an email with further instructions soon after your registration.