Monday afternoon was about education and career fair Seashow’ joint network meeting for the 53 participants and fair exhibitors, together with representatives from Arctic Education Network and Arctic Business Network.

Arctic Consensus was co-organizer of the business program at Seashow, where the network meeting was a part of that program in Nuuk. The meeting took place on board of the ship Sarfaq Ittuk, where the chairman at Arctic Education Network said a few words of welcome.

Afterwards, Christel Lund Bøjler, principal of Niuernermik Ilinniarfik (Trading School), delivered a speech about “The possibilities and challenges seen from a Trading School’s view”. Christel mentioned that the school originates from 1978, and that it currently has around 40 employees in three places, with 375 students (including internships)

The Trading school offers both basic educations, and educational programs for higher education, as well as continuing education.

Christel touched also upon the challenges they face as a trading school – both positive and less positive. A positive challenge that she mentioned was the increasing number of applicants, which however means that is no room for all applicants. She mentioned also limitations like the physical capacity of the school, lack of dormitories, lack of internship places and large social baggage as major challenges.

The trading school focuses on implementing initiatives to increase the graduation percentage via work with support schemes, like Student Mentor Scheme, Family Support Scheme and Academic Coaching. Furthermore, there have been made an array of initiatives like morning gathering, to create fellowship, the project “Good study start” – collaboration with the Study Counselling and “Use your study counsellor” to create focus on personal challenges.

Lastly, Christel concluded that the trading school has an increased focus on collaboration and knowledge sharing. A mindset that “Educations must target business and create closer contact with business” ‘shines’ through the trading school’s work.

After the presentation from the trading school, it was time for food, where there was merely chatting, and Jesper Hansen, provisional Network Manager at Arctic Business Network, had to interrupt the chatting and present the next speaker, Lotte Frank from CSR Greenland. Lotte delivered a speech about “CSR Greenland’s project on collaboration with schools and businesses”, which should attract more young Greenlanders to take an education.

Lotte mentioned in her speech how CSR Greenland builds a bridge between the primary school and businesses. Moreover, it inspires the pupils to take an education after finishing primary school, and it creates dialogue about how other collaborations between schools and businesses initiatives can contribute to that bridge.

CSR Greenland has a running project from 2015-2017, where the motto is “Companies out in the Schools – Schools out in the Companies”. Here, the thought is that the primary school can actively use the business as a resource to create good results, so that the young can feel ready to take an education.

The purpose of the project is to motivate the pupils to continue in the education system after primary school, where the goal is to get more young people in 10th grade to have a sense of their educational opportunities. The young should also take a qualified choice of education, which can, in the same time create a strong network between schools and businesses. This can be realised through intensified cooperation between schools and local businesses, which is initiated by and anchored in CSR Greenland.

The speeches were followed by questions from the participants at the network meeting, which were very much aimed at the education programs that existed between actors in Nuuk and elsewhere in Greenland, including the trading school’s plans for more dormitories to be built.

The evening ended with networking and chatting, and the participants were excited about Seashow’s second day, on Tuesday, where there were business visits as well as visits at the primary schools, city’s high school and Centre for National Guidance, on the program.

Remember that you can read more about each day of the Seashow here on the website.