Merry Christmas from Arctic Consensus

Dear reader,

We look back on a year that has been unpredictable and with a great amount of changes. Looking back on 2020, the Arctic has once again been high on the agenda, and it is a trend that will not change in 2021. Arctic strategies continues to be updated and renewed, Russia takes over the presidency of the Arctic Council, the United States gets a new president, and we sees a growing interest from companies that want a stronger connection to the Arctic markets.

At Arctic Consensus, we are still working to facilitate and contribute to sustainable business development in the Arctic. We have noticed that the world has become more geared towards digital solutions.

It has opened up for participation from all over the world, creating great value at a time when partnerships and cross-border collaboration play a central role. It also showed that working from home, have been able to participate on many more platforms and areas than we normally had opportunity to. Although 2020 has presented challenges for many, it has also opened new doors. There are pros and cons to any situation, but together we find solutions. It is about creating value in the environment we face, and jointly finding the solutions to the challenges we face.

With a persistence in continuing to share knowledge and create growth, we take the experience into the new year. We are grateful to be part of collaborations and projects that create value in the Arctic, with great respect for the people involved in the collaboration, and for the benefit of the people in the Arctic.

Thanks to all our partners, colleagues, employees and friends in the Arctic – we are looking forward to see you all in 2021.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Lise-Lotte Terp
Director, Arctic Consensus