”In terms of import, Denmark has certainly been one of the most important countries to Iceland. One can perhaps say that when one party is exporting and another one is looking for goods to import, we have found the recipe for the most perfect trade relationship”. Quote: Helga Hauksdottír, Icelandic Ambassador to Denmark.

Such was the dialogue meeting “Doing Business in Iceland” initiated. The Confederation of Danish Industry formed the setting for the dialogue meeting which was arranged by Arctic Consensus. During, and especially after the dialogue meeting, we have received great interest from businesses and organisations asking for even more engagement in the Icelandic market. As well as desires to establish new partnerships and gain even more knowledge about market tendencies and new relations. To support this may be more important now than it has ever been, in a time where COVID-19 has struck trade, businesses, organisations and the society.

Board member Peter Mollerup, Danish-Icelandic chamber of commerce and lawyer at Lundgrens, has great knowledge about the Icelandic business culture and a sharp insight in the connection between culture and history. With a focus on the cultural differences on how to do business in a Danish culture versus an Icelandic culture, and with a focus on the possibilities and challenges between the two cultures, lays the criteria of success for establishing good partnerships.

In terms of contracts, René Lykke Wethelund, Partner and lawyer at NJORD Law Firm, gave sound advice for business conducting trade in relation to choice of law and venue. As an example, he mentioned the maritime sector, and explained about the elements which apply here, and described about the establishment of Nordic Offshore and Maritime Arbitration Association (NOMA).

Mads Qvist Frederiksen, Senior Adviser at the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), told about their work and activities in arctic affairs, including Greenland Conference, which is to be held later this year.

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