With funding from “Danmarks Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse”, Arctic Consensus has now been given the opportunity to make a particularly focused effort in supporting and developing companies, growth markets and products for the Arctic. Arctic Consensus supports the development of companies and is instrumental in establishing more jobs. It has previously been focused on North Jutland – Arctic, but with the new grant for 2020 it is now possible to extend the models we have worked with in North Jutland to the rest of the country.

Building on strong results, we are ready to expand our perspective. Climate change and Arctic local aspirations for product development to and in the Arctic regions, place demands on businesses for investments and innovative sustainable solutions. We are particularly focused on supporting this.

We work to support and develop both North Jutland, Denmark and the EU as gateways to the Arctic, through visibility and development of strong relations. As project manager and facilitator, we are committed to bring businesses, public sector and research institutions closer together, and to solutions that can help boost growth, employment, development and innovation.

With a triple-helix approach, we focus on that the businesses, the public sector and research institutions find synergies that can lead to tangible results. For us, it is crucial that the work leads to sustainable solutions – both socially, economically and environmentally. We strive to make the emerging new markets in the Arctic visible to companies in order to facilitate increased growth and employment, both in Denmark and the Arctic regions.

Establishing business connections and networks are cornerstones of our involvement. With many years of experience as project managers in the Arctic, we are well-known in both the Arctic, EU and Denmark when it comes to questions related to the Arctic region. We will rely on our knowledge and know-how about the business opportunities, the Arctic has to offer, and work in close collaboration with public institutions, policy makers, private companies and, not least, research institutions throughout Denmark.

Lise-Lotte Terp, director
Arctic Consensus