Tuesday the 27th of February 2018, Arctic Consensus – in cooperation with Aalborg University held a North Denmark Arctic Dialogue meeting titled; Focus on foreign politics, strategies and projects within the Arctic Region”. The dialogue took place on campus at Aalborg University with the purpose of attracting students who have an interest in the Arctic to participate in the dialogue.

Besides Lise-Lotte Terp – the director of Arctic Consensus addressing the topic in her presentation, then Ulrik Pram Gad – Associate Professor from Aalborg University and Frej Sorento Dichmann – Senior Advisor from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science also addressed their focus on strategies, foreign policies and projects within the arctic in their line of work.


The three presenters centered their presentation around the topic of development and implementation of strategies, and how on a more practical level, one can utilize strategies to develop future projects. Follwoing the presentations, the three of them gathered in a panel to create a forum for the audience to ask questions, and a dialogue was created based on that. Mikkel Underlin Østergaard – Research Assistant from Aalborg University facilitated the dialogue. The entire meeting and dialogue lasted approximately two hours, and after the event there was plenty of networking opportunity amongst the presenters and the participating audience.

Arctic Consensus would like to thank our presenters, our co-hosts and the audience for participating and helped generate more awareness regarding this important topic.