New book about the subject of Greenlandic independence

Author and journalist Martin Breum has published a new book “If Greenland becomes independent – a journey in the cracks of the Kingdom”, right in the middle of the Greenlandic parliamentary election.

The book contributes with a perspective in the debate about independence of Greenland in the current election campaign.  The stage is set: Greenland is in the middle of a process of secession, and it is no longer a matter of if, but rather of when Greenland wants to become independent. Martin Breum’s purpose is to engage more people in the debate – also the Danish population.

“I am not taking part in which linkage is the best between the two parts of the Kingdom in the future,” Martin Breum expresses in the preface of the book, which furthermore contains unique interviews and anecdotes.

The reader is given an insider’s view into e.g. the elite in Nuuk as well as in Copenhagen, at the party congress in Siumut, in the Defence and in a Greenlandic school class.

The matter of the future of the Realm is thoroughly assessed and provides the reader with an overview of the debate on both sides of the North Atlantic. “If Greenland becomes independent – a journey in the cracks of the Kingdom” can be recommended for all with an interest in the Greenlandic question of independence and the future of the Realm.

Martin Breum: Hvis Grønland river sig løs (Only in Danish), 252 pages, indicative price kr. 299,95, Gyldendal


Photo: Det Grønlandske Hus – København